Regular Car Maintenance and Periodical Technical Inspection for a Caravan

There is a certain law that says that every car owner should have his car inspected at a certain period of time. This period is different in every country, but the truth is that without that certification you are not able to drive it on the public roads.

This is valid for any kind of motorized vehicle, including cars – like trailer-partssedans and limos, bus and trucks but also caravans. Yes, this is right – even if you view your caravan as a smaller mobile home, it is still a vehicle that you are driving.

This is one of the reasons why you have to make sure that the caravan is in perfect driving condition. As you use it to travel from place to place, you don’t need any kind of problems with it. The breaks must function perfectly, along with the rest of the equipment that is installed on it. We’re not talking here about the sink in the mini-kitchen or the bed in the sleeping area. We are talking about all those things that make the car work properly – breaks, lights, signals, etc.

The Regular Car Maintenance for a Caravan

When you drive a caravan it’s important to have it maintained periodically, just to make sure that there is no problem with it. Here’s what the regular car maintenance means for your caravan and what the mechanic should check when you take it to him.

The filters – these are for the air, for the oil, for the gas and/or for pollen. The last filter is used when the caravan is equipped with an air conditioning system. You need to change these regularly, and the mechanic knows when it’s time for this change.

caravan-servicingThe oil – you’ll have to change the oil for the engine, for the gearbox and for the steering. The mechanic will also have to change the antifreeze and the brake fluid.

The brake pads and/or the brake shoes are extremely important, as these allow you to brake in a safe distance. These should be changed when there is a problem with them.

The lights will also need to be checked during this check-up, to see if the caravan is ok. There are also plenty of warning lights on the dashboard, and these also need to be checked, just in case one of them signals a possible problem.

The caravan will also need to have the AC unit checked, at least once every 2 years. There is also needed a visual inspection of the exterior of the car for damaged parts, rust or other problems.

The engine will also have to undergo a visual inspection for oil leaks or other fluids. The underside of the car will go through a similar inspection – the joints in the wheel areas, along with the caster and wheel geometry.

The Periodical Technical Inspection

Every once in a while your caravan will have to undergo a PTI or periodical technical inspection. This procedure is mandatory for any vehicle, and unless you do this, you won’t be able to drive it on any public road.about-right-3

This procedure involves more operations, like with identifying the vehicle (the specialists will check the series of the car body and the engine, the chassis, the assemblies and the subassemblies that will be controlled. The interior and exterior aspect will also be checked, along with the electrical system. Also, they will test the breaks and the headlights, the taillights and signaling.

Before taking your caravan in a vacation, it’s better to have these two revisions done. This is because the first one will make sure that your vehicle is equipped with the adequate caravan parts and accessories, while the second one makes sure that they are working properly. This will allow you to have a safe journey, no matter where you take your caravan to, and it will protect you and your passenger at its maximum limits.